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Meet Noel

Noel has been applauded for his work advancing justice and fairness. Noel's candidacy brings Experience that Matters to the Sacramento Superior Court bench. He has the range and background to advance a justice system that will work for everyone.

Having grown up in a working family household, it is no surprise that he lives and breathes working family values and understands the importance of fiscal responsibility. 

Noel has served on the staffs of two Lieutenant Governors, a Governor, the Legislative Counsel’s Bureau, and Sacramento County. He may be the best Judge-in-waiting Sacramento has produced in 20 years.
Noel has dedicated his professional capacities to serving the public. He has quietly been a leader in our criminal justice system making reforms towards fairness, justice, and evidence-based practices. His work has made our community a safer place while at the same time saving taxpayers money. 
In the Criminal Law Unit at the Office of the Legislative Counsel, Noel drafted hundreds of criminal law bills. He was the point-of-contact for legislative staff on the issues of prisons, sex offenders, and gangs. He became the point person for many legislative committee staff on amending criminal law bills as they moved through the Legislature.
Noel was involved in the drafting of various landmark pieces of legislation. He was the principal drafter of SB 1399 (Chapter 405, Statutes of 2010) which established medical parole for permanently medically incapacitated inmates, SB 3x 18 (Chapter 28, Statutes 2009) which, among other things, revised time credits for certain prisoners confined or committed to a county jail, and worked directly with the Governor’s Office in the development and drafting of AB 109 (Chapter 15, Statutes of 2011) implementing criminal justice realignment.
Noel has conducted over 55 jury trials. He is a statewide leader in reforms affecting juvenile justice and has additionally conducted over 15 juvenile transfer hearings. Noel used his legislative expertise in sponsoring and drafting the initial versions of Assembly Bill 1423, a bill further advancing justice.

Noel wrote the briefs and successfully argued the constitutionality of Senate Bill 1391 before the Third District Court of Appeals. Senate Bill 1391 is a measure that furthers the purpose and intent of Proposition 57 to enhance public safety and save taxpayers money. Again, using his range of experience to promote fairness and save taxpayer funds.

At the California Department of Social Services, Noel served as the Legislative Consultant with the Children and Family Services Division assignment. He managed and coordinated the analyses of all legislation that affected foster children, children in group homes, and child abuse prevention.
As Fiscal Officer to the Lieutenant Governor, Noel controlled the budget and spending of 23 employees. He received the State Controller's award for achieving fiscal excellence every year he controlled the budget. In Governor's Press Office, he managed the coordination of press events across the state and worked closely with television, radio, and print news organizations.
And now, he is running for Judge and will bring to the Sacramento County Superior Court his unique skillset, experiences, and a determination for a justice system that works for everyone.

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Join Noel. Vote for Experience that Matters.


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