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Elect Noel Calvillo to the Sacramento Superior Court

A resident of Elk Grove, Noel is the only candidate in this race who lives in Sacramento County. In this race Noel has:

  • The most jury trial experience (over 55 trials).
  • The most criminal law experience (14 years).
  • The most legislative experience (Former Legislative Counsel).

Experience That Matters

 Unmatched Public Safety Experience

Noel has a plan to reduce gun violence and the experience to have it implemented. He brings to the bench extraordinary criminal law experience and a proven track record of advancing laws to make our community safer.  

Noel has conducted over 55 jury trials, argued in front of the Court of Appeals, and advised the Legislature on criminal law measures to make our community safer and save taxpayers money. He has the experience to advance a justice system that will work for everyone. Noel majored in Political Science at U.C. Davis and graduated from McGeorge School of Law.

Judicial Candidate Noel Calvillo Unveils Youth Gun Violence Prevention Plan 

Published: May 5, 2022

Juvenile justice expert Noel Calvillo teams up with Forensic Social Worker and behavioral modification expert, Ruben Robles, to address youth gun violence. 

SACRAMENTO –Judicial candidate Noel Calvillo issued the following statement regarding his plan to address the rise in youth gun violence:

“It is clear that the current approach to youth gun violence can be improved. We must use evidence-based practices to address youth gun violence upstream, before it spills out into our streets.” When asked why he believed a treatment model would work, Noel said, “The research supports a treatment model works in behavioral modification in many areas, including reducing D.U.I. fatalities. It will work on the young mind that is still malleable.” 

Noel consulted with Ruben Robles in the creation of the G.R.E.A.T. Court (Gun Response, Exposure, and Accountability Treatment Court). Mr. Robles has testified in numerous counties educating Courts and providing his opinion on the prospects of the behavioral modification of youth. 

Noel has conducted over 55 jury trials, written hundreds of criminal law measures, sponsored criminal justice legislation, and argued in the Third District Court of Appeals. He is recognized as a statewide expert on Juvenile Justice matters.

Noel invites Courts to examine his plan immediately, noting that it doesn’t have to wait until he is elected. He said, “This evidence-based approach can have an immediate impact in reducing gun violence.” 

Contact: Noel Calvillo (916) 397-3342. Visit:


G.R.E.A.T. Gun Violence Prevention Court for Youth

Gun Response Exposure, Accountability, & Treatment Court

Developed by Judicial Candidate Noel Calvillo, Juvenile Justice Expert, with advice and input from Forensic Social Worker Ruben Robles

Why is there a need for the G.R.E.A.T. Court?

Current practices failed and gun violence is on the rise. Youthful offenders account for disproportionate percentage of gun violence. Recent reports indicate that in each of the last two years, 225 county residents were homicide victims, up by 36%, from 2018 and 2019.  More than a third of those who were killed were between the ages of 15 and 24, despite that age group only account for about 12% of county residents. 

What is the G.R.E.A.T. Court?

The G.R.E.A.T. Court is a novel approach to addressing gun violence that holds offenders accountable and educates youth upstream – before they get involved in gun violence. It will utilize evidence-based behavioral modification strategies and trauma-informed practices to reduce gun violence. In practice it is simply a dedicated Court calendar, using existing Court resources to supervise youth in the program. The length of services would be three to six months depending on the needs of the youth.

There is no need to re-create the wheel. We have learned a lot from the work that has been done to deal with D.U.I. offenders. The creation of the G.R.E.A.T. Court borrows from behavioral modification successes in D.U.I. policies. 

Research shows that incarceration and fines alone do not work to reduce DUI arrests, why would that work with youthful gun offenders? Efforts must hold offenders accountable and be based on evidence-based behavioral modification strategies and trauma informed practices.

Key Components

  • Assessment of service needs of youth – medication, food, mental health, housing, etc.
  • Gun violence trauma education – educate on the actual physical damage guns do. 
  • Exposure to the effects on gun violence victim families – listen to moms and siblings of gun violence victims. Likely they will be very much like offender’s family. 
  • Restorative justice – victim reparation, community interests, individual accountability.
  • Wraparound services – services and resources to treat root causes of behavior such as poverty, violence in the home, hunger, positive male role models. 
  • Provide adequate support to have youth complete program and avoid custody time. 
  • Create more community involvement, not less – i.e., no school expulsion but help getting into sports, music, pet rescue programs, and other activities.
  • Education on consequences of criminal activity.

Who would be directed to the G.R.E.A.T. Court? How would it work?

Ideal candidates are first-time offenders who demonstrate a risk of involvement with gun activity such as youth who take a B.B. Gun to school, possess ammunition, or are contacted in a vehicle where a gun is illegally possessed. These youth would get a portion of their time suspended for completion of the program. Failure to complete the program would result in custody time.

This approach motivates a youth to complete the program and also protects public safety.

How much will this cost? 

An April 2019 report by the California Board of State and Community Corrections reported that the average daily cost in Sacramento to house a youth in juvenile hall is $993.00. The G.R.E.A.T. Court would actually save Sacramento money. And that is just the direct savings.

Take for example a youth who posts a video online of himself firing off a handgun negligently into the air. It’s his first offense yet it is clear he is exposed to others who have guns and that he is not fully educated on the dangers of guns. Traditionally, depending on a number of factors, this could net him a 120 day sentence in juvenile hall. If that sentence is split with 90 days in custody and 30 days suspended for him to complete the program, there is an immediate savings of $29,790.00. Proposed costs of program might include:

  • $600 – classes twice a week for 12 weeks.
  • $500 – intake assessment.
  • $300 – bus voucher, transportation.
  • $500 – pro-social activities such as sports participation, music, pets.
  • $800 – school supplies.

This adds up to less than $3,000.00. These numbers are just for demonstration purposes. The point is that if we start giving youth the basic resources and services along with the education they need it is a whole lot less expensive than simple incarceration – which we know doesn’t work. 

More importantly this approach will save lives. We know from behavioral modification research that this type of approach will reduce recidivism and the escalation of criminal behavior. A safer community means more people will enjoy the amenities of the community and businesses will benefit as well. 

Contact: Noel Calvillo (916) 397-3342.


Candidate Noel Calvillo Walks 25 Miles In One Day Canvassing Sacramento Neighborhoods

Published: Mar 29, 2022

With a quarter century of community service in Sacramento County, Noel Calvillo seeks to represent working families during his candidacy 

SACRAMENTO –Judicial candidate Noel Calvillo issued the following statement regarding his efforts to win election in an open seat on the Superior Court bench:

“Residents of Sacramento County have the opportunity to elect a Judge to the Superior Court bench who has lived and worked in Sacramento County for 25 years. I want to bring my varied expertise in criminal law to the bench.” When asked about his monumental canvass, Noel said, “I’m getting the word out to working families that they have a friend running for Judge in Sacramento County.” Noel grew up in a working family household, it is no surprise he lives and breathes working family values. 

Noel has served on the staffs of two Lieutenant Governors, a Governor, the Legislative Counsel’s Bureau, and Sacramento County. He may be the best Judge-in-waiting Sacramento has produced in 20 years. Noel has dedicated his professional capacities to serving the public. He has quietly been a leader in our criminal justice system making reforms towards fairness and justice. His work has made our community a safer place while at the same time saving taxpayers money. 

Noel has conducted over 55 jury trials, written hundreds of criminal law measures, sponsored criminal justice legislation, and argued in the Third District Court of Appeals. He is recognized as a statewide expert on Juvenile Justice matters. 

Noel walked with others on this historic event. His canvass started in Elk Grove and continue through Curtis Park, Land Park and downtown neighborhoods. It ended 10 hours later in Cesar Chavez park. The walk was documented on Instagram @calvilloforjudge. Noel and his volunteers reached approximately 1,200 homes.

Contact: Noel Calvillo (916) 397-3342. Visit:


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